Space Race #1

SuperRare Spaces are independently operated storefronts in the SuperRare Network. Winning Spaces actively curate, promote and sell artworks by artists of their choosing - to promote curatorial diversity and expand community control of SuperRare
Voting ended 11/30/2021
Which 5 applicants should be admitted to SuperRare Network as its newest independent Space operators?
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Museum of Crypto Art (MoCA)

M○C△’s Space will be exclusive to artists in the Museum’s Collection and seek to refocus energy and effort around the earliest creators in the space. We will leverage our existing platform to give these artists an opportunity to provide deeper context on their artwork and elaborate on their creative process...

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5,178,511.524 Votes


The 33 Space manifesto is to showcase top OG artists as well as emerging artists in the digital art space. It has a unique and diverse structure and is formed by an experienced 33 Curation Panel (33CP) and the 33 Artist Advisory (33AA). By engaging a broader community as a starting point, exhibitions will be...

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4,901,996.918 Votes

The Foundry (MoCDA)

MoCDA as an organisation is dedicated to the collection, preservation, and promotion of digital art. Through our programming and ongoing projects, we collaborate with artists that have proven themselves visionaries of a new digital age...

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4,418,975.033 Votes


Grow a Global Community of Crypto Artists and NFT Collectors to facilitate Social Financial & Digital Inclusion around the World. Be a Disruptive Platform to generate the Exchange of Knowledge and Development of a Socially Committed Crypto Art Community. Build Human Capital & Create Social Values to Leverage Social Impact...

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Metafisica will establish itself as the first, and premier, crypto art gallery for Latin American art. We believe in creating together a new and decentralized art world where more of the cultural capital that is produced in Latin America stays there, instead of being almost completely absorbed by...

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New French Touch

Promotion of the emerging French Cryptoart Scene – Focus on early cryptoart aesthetic and themes. New French Touch Space will be a combination of a digital and physical place to highlight French digital creation, with a pinch of French spirit, not necessarily limited to French artists...

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2,664,637.884 Votes

HALOS x gblsts

This curated storefront will actively serve to showcase, promote and sell artworks selected by me personally as a continuation of my personal collection which again has a heavy inclination in psychedelic art. I will never promote anything I wouldn’t personally buy and this will be central to my Space. With no main theme in terms of media, the goal is to represent unique souls regardless of their background, technique, subject matter, or stylistic vision....

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2,379,300.864 Votes

NFT Asia

NFT Asia’s Space will be the premier NFT destination for Asian and Asia-based artists to showcase the highest standards of art that is not only aesthetic but responds to the cultural zeitgeist. Through our strong engagement and access to artists who are in different stages of their career including those that are emerging...

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I am a champion for the unseen artists and the under appreciated art forms, the diamonds in the rough, the ones that sometimes aren’t the loudest voices on social media, and I want to give them the attention and respect they deserve. In order to accomplish this, I need to look where nobody else is looking...

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0x Society

0x Society will bridge the physical and digital worlds with the synergy between 0x Society Space and 0x Society’s gallery located in Montreal, Canada. 0x Society’s Space will follow the themes of our curated exhibitions regarding the selection of new artists and artworks so that our curatorial work can expand to the digital world...

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The VerseVerse

Poem = Work of Art. Founded by three women poets, theVERSEverse is the first NFT literary gallery – a place where text is art, poetry is technology, and language has no limits. We are a curated platform where collectors discover poets, and poets discover the infinite potential of the Metaverse...

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Verisart believes that art can be a force for good. The Verisart SuperRare space will focus exclusively on works that contribute towards the artist’s charitable cause. Using the Verisart Fair Trade Art certificate, each work sold will have a clear indication of the supporting charity and the percentage of sales benefitting that charity...

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309,687.512 Votes


DMINTI is a cultural agency that partners with the world’s leading contemporary and emerging artists in the digital and legacy art worlds to curate, produce, and position impactful NFT art. Our projects are unique, highly relevant to key audiences, and significant within this fast-changing cultural context...

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Spectrum will help artists to reach a bigger audience and build a collector base. We will present a collection of high quality artworks from diverse artists and genres. We will take an advisory role for artists and collectors if needed and we will educate more people on art and encourage more artists and collectors to join the space...

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233,732 Votes

Morrow Collective

We have one foot firmly planted in NFT art and culture, and the other foot in the traditional art world. We select art based on narrative, substance and relevance, and have a proven track record of being able to select the best and most interesting pieces, based around a revolving central theme...

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116,764.202 Votes

Vellum LA

By taking a concept-driven approach to curation, Vellum LA’s goal is to meaningfully situate the digital and crypto art communities within the context of art history, while also educating the public on the potential of NFTs to impact the future of art. As a physical space in the heart of Hollywood, Vellum LA aims to become the destination for experiencing NFTs and digital art in Los Angeles...

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75,922.443 Votes

The Crypt Gallery

Our space is focused on inclusion and full spectrum representation of the digital art community. This is why our collection will include artists from a variety of mediums including photography, 3D design, traditional art, street graffiti, and more. This authentic snapshot of the digital art space is how we want to introduce a mainstream audience to the community...

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45,917.824 Votes

Cryptonative Art Collective

The Crypto Native Art Collective will establish itself as the first CryptoArt NFT Collectibles Art Gallery, honoring our ancestors, utilizing the traditional power of the collective for North American Indigenous Art...

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36,704.1 Votes

Minty Garden

Plant a bunch of seeds and see what grows. Shape accordingly and foster a vibrant, creative ecosystem. Community of forward thinking artists ready to collaborate and work hard. Art that inspires, any medium or focus is fair game...

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Blakkat intends to be a space that bridges the traditional art market with the new digital art movement. With a team of specialists in each sector, we strive to bring to the NFT space a new flow of collectors, artists and connections with renowned institutions...

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I come from the traditional contemporary art world – the world of physical galleries and physical works – paintings and sculptures and videos shown on screens in darkened spaces. And I love that world. I’ve made, taught, written about and sold contemporary art for decades. But now, there are NFTs...

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The Leopard

Leaning on the shoulders of those who already stood on the shoulders of giants, we affirm together with Pico della Mirandola the dignity of man and his unique intermediate position with his roots on Earth and mind and heart turned to Heaven. The will, the genius, the art, the industriousness soaked in high culture and craftsmanship guide us...

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imnotArt was one of the very first physical/digital crypto art galleries in the world. We were the second physical NFT gallery in the United States, and the first in Chicago. Aside from our physical gallery giving us a very unique value proposition, imnotArt has an even more unique origin story. We are Metaverse-native...

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BuyingBlack is a portal that creates the place for First Nations Artists to enter the blockchain marketplace. BuyingBlack is an online platform that is supported by a media strategy that comprises of a website, a social media footprint, email marketing, printed content, an on-line video series, a podcast series and a directory....

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The Collectible Design world is over-consuming and less conceptual right now. Millions of new pieces of furniture and accessories are produced every year, and designers are giving their creativity to a non-sustainable system. Our mission is to change that by giving artists an opportunity to sell digital works as well as physicals...

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Chile con Carne

We are the women of native peoples in territorial resistance against racist colonialism, we rise up in Brazil against the fascist barbarism that threatens America Latina, we are the ones who stand up in Mexico against the narco-femicidal state, we are the ones who resist against extractivist predation, we are the leaders who resist persecution and murder in Colombia...

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NODES+ is a space founded by a group of artists, curators, and collectors from Asia. Our founding members come from various art disciplines, from NFT, to fine arts, film, sound, AI and VR. We work to champion Asian NFT artists to be accepted by the NFT world market. We also bring artists from different continents to work together...

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CAP Space

We promote artists, who through the medium of photography, engage with the African continent and the African Diaspora. We started this project in 2012 because we found that diverse photographic voices around Africa were under-represented and overlooked by the main-stream art world. We founded the CAP Prize to give voice to those artists....

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Searchlight is committed to advancing the practice of NFT creators. We not only seek out artists far and wide, but once they are part of our vetted Artists Pool we foster their development by offering special programming and opportunities that further their growth; as such, our artists are bringing compelling and unique perspectives...

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We believe storytelling is at the core of everything - whether that be physical art or NFTs - at the end of the day, we collect art because we connect to it. Our space is unique because not only do we place those stories that champion the artists at the forefront but we are also equally invested in the artist as we are the collector...

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ArtSect Gallery

We were the first NFT gallery in the UK, we are also DAO owned and will develop as a community following the same path as SuperRare :) We have an experiential arts space, where we blend AR, VR and physical contemporary art into synonymous exhibitions...

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Banquet Labs

Our space will center on community curation of NFT art and wearables. We propose a bottom-up approach, introducing curation residencies to thought leaders across diverse backgrounds, mediums, and communities...

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0 Votes was conceived to support some of the most creative and innovative digital artists in the world. Our manifesto and drive is to continue discovering new emerging and established artists and to introduce them both to our online networks and our IRL community as well. The artists we work with have been pushing scientific and technological boundaries with their art both in the physical space and online....

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Bionic Gestalt

Since bG Gallery’s inception, we have found new ways to invite artists and curators from different backgrounds to work together on a cohesive project. Gestalt Projects is a sub project of bG Gallery dedicated to crossing art world divides by tying together diverse groups of artists into cohesive exhibitions and installations...

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Wheelhouse Art

The WheelHouse Art (WHA) Space will be an online exhibition extension of the WheelHouse Art brick-and-mortar space. WHA will focus on multi-disciplinary artist, integrating artwork that crosses over both digital and analog worlds. The goal of WHA is to expand the practice, appreciation, and collecting of contemporary art...

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